Beretta 1301 Comp PRO

///Beretta 1301 Comp PRO

Beretta 1301 Comp PRO

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Beretta 1301 COMP PRO – 12/76 – 10 +1 Schuss

Die 1301 Competition Pro ist nicht nur unglaublich schnell, sondern auch absolut zuverlässig.

Der Synthetic-Schaft verfügt über Komfort-Griffzonen. Die hier angebrachten, griffigen Gummieinsätzen an Pistolengriff und Vorderschaft ermöglichen perfekte Waffenkontrolle und ein angenehmes Handling.

Die im Schaft ist in der Senkung (50/55/60/65 mm) und Schränkung (rechts/links) einstellbar und verfügt über die integrierte Rückstoßdämpfung Kick-Off Plus (Reduktion circa 40 %), sowie einen Soft-Comb-Schaftrückeneinsatz. Dies ermöglicht eine schnellere Zielerfassung und Schussfolge durch einen reduzierten Mündungs-Ausschlag. Zusätzlich ist die Schaftlänge durch ein 12,5 mm Zwischenstück variabel.

Das blau eloxierte Verschlussgehäuse mit größerem Auswurffenster und erweiterter Ladeöffnung sorgt für eine optimierte Patronen-Zufuhr mit freiem Zugang zum Magazin.

Technische Daten:

  • Kaliber: 12/76
  • Magazinkapazität: 10+1 Patronen
  • Schaft: Synthetic mit Komfort-Griffzonen
  • Choke: OCHPe 3/4-1/4-CYL
  • Visierung: erhöhte Schiene, zur Mündung verjüngt von 10 auf 8 mm, Hilfskorn + Leuchtkorn
  • Sicherung: im Abzugsbügel, vergrößerte Ausführung, reversibel rechts/links
  • Lauflänge: 61 cm
  • Gesamtlänge: 119,5 cm
  • Gewicht: 3,5 kg


After achieving several podium finishes at the last World Shotgun Championships with its unrivalled cycling speed, the 1301 Comp has evolved into the Pro version following the implementation of suggestions made by Beretta’s multiple medal-winning shooters.
With the comfort, stability and easy swing offered by the new stock, the ultra-fast, safe loading system, the new oversized cocking handle and bolt release lever, and its 10+1 round capacity magazine, the 1301 Comp Pro is now, even in its standard configuration, the most competitive dynamic shooting platform, but has plenty of capacity for further personalisation and is therefore very sought after by the most demanding of shooters.
The 1301 Comp Pro includes a new polymeric stock with the Kick-Off Plus system consisting of two elastomer dampeners complete with return springs, positioned near the rubber insert, which effectively mitigate the first recoil peak reducing the perceived recoil by up to 40%. A third elastomer dampener, located in the stock bolt, absorbs the impact of the slide against the stock, thus reducing the second recoil peak, muzzle jump and any vibrations caused by the movement of the slide.
The B-Steady system divides the stock into two sections: Butt and forearm. The recoil absorption point is in an advanced position, moving in unison with the forearm, which is free to move back leaving the butt stable and avoiding any annoying rubbing of the comb against the cheek. The cheek remains still and rests perfectly without ever losing the line of fire.

For more comfort, the comb comes with Soft Comb, a soft insert which is gentle against the cheek.
The rubber Comfort Grip improves sensitivity and pistol grip.
The spacers provided allow the drop and cast to be adjusted.
The MicroCore recoil plate ensures perfect shouldering and maximum stability when shooting and allows for the possibility to adjust the stock’s length to suit your requirements using the two spacers provided.
The ergonomic Comfort Grip forend, also made of polymer with a rubber insert, offers maximum grip even in poor weather conditions.

Extending out from the forend is the aluminium Tony System magazine tube which holds up to 10 cartridges. This is connected to the barrel via an aluminium clamp for increased stability. Inside the magazine tube there is a dedicated spring with an elongated red Ergal cap which makes it easy to check if the magazine is empty. The system is specifically developed for the 1301 Comp Pro to ensure maximum feeding reliability.

The blue anodized Ergal stock combines lightness with extreme robustness and reliability, and inside houses the re-loading system, the ultra-tested gas system with rotating head B-Link closure system, which has a 36% faster cycling speed than any other semi-automatic, it is reliable and accurate round after round, even with light loads.
The 1301 Comp Pro has a 3” chamber but uses an oversized 3.5” stock which facilitates cartridge loading. To make quick loading and the quad-load even easier, the loading gate has been enlarged and the lifter has a system which keeps it raised during loading operations, thus creating a sort of “chute” for the ammunition, which simultaneously eliminates the risk of the user pinching their thumb between the lever and the gate.
The cocking handle and bolt release lever are also oversized, all details which contribute to making re-loading even easier, including during competition peaks when the gun is pushed to the max.
Four threaded holes on the upper part of the stock enable a Picatinny rail to be attached.

The ballistic performance of the 1301 Comp Pro takes full advantage of the Beretta Steelium barrel’s exceptional features: Created using Beretta’s exclusive tri-alloy steel (Ni, Cr, Mo), deep drilling, cold hammer forging, vacuum distension and characterised by the elongated 80 mm double forcing cone. The internal profile of the OptimaBore HP barrels was designed and tested to guarantee excellent ballistic performance with all types of ammunition: Lead, steel and High Performance steel. The result is pattern distributions which are always dense and perfect, partly thanks to the three interchangeable OptimaChoke HP Black Edition choke tubes it is supplied with, making it possible to adjust the choke depending on the competition.
10×8 stepped rib with fibre optic sight and mid-bead sight for optimum target acquisition.

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