Victrix Venus V

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Victrix Venus V

€ 5.950,00 inkl. MwSt

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Victrix Venus V

Destination use
Sporting ideal for PRS® shooting

6 XC (1/7.5)
6,5 x 47 Lapua (1/8.5)
6,5 Creedmoor (1/8.5)
6 Creedmoor (1/7.5)
.260 Remington (1/8.5)
.308 Winchester (1/11)

Barrel length

5,55 kg (12.24 lb), with an empty magazine, muzzle brake,
barrel length 24” and no scope

Overall length: 1170 mm (46.06”)

Base rifle
Benchmark lapped match-grade button rifled barrel in AISI 416R
Buttstock with horizontal and vertical multiple button adjustments and an adjustable insulated cheek piece, equipped with an Anschutz-type rail on the underside
Single-feed and single stack 7-round polymer magazine
High-strength monobloc chassis in light alloy
Light profile forend in light alloy equipped with a side M-LOK® system and QD (Quick Detach) attachments, an integrated Anschutz-type rail in the middle and an integrated Arca rail that runs the entire length
Ergonomic and interchangeable flat top grip for standard AR platform
20 MoA action rail
Victrix ProAngle Venus V detachable muzzle brake featuring 4 forward-canted chambers
Short action in AISI 630 worked out from billet through milling and turning with finish on electro-discharge and grinding machines. Bolt with three asymmetric lugs: first lug on top of the cylinder in vertical position (at 12 o’clock) and two side lugs arranged at an angle of 105-degree lift; equipped with grooves and an interchangeable bolt lever
Matt PVD finish on the action and polished PVD finish on the bolt
Victrix Sporting Plus Single-stage adjustable trigger with a two-position safety:
standard setting 400 gr (14.11 oz) (+/- 20 gr / 0.71 oz)
Protective bag for a safe transport
Explorer case for transport cod. 13513
User manual and welcome kit

Stock colour
Victrix Venus V is available in the following finishes:
Hard black anodised
Victrix O-Range, CERAKOTE ceramic polymer coating
Every and each component made of light alloy undergoes a 30-micron hard black anodising.


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