Winchester 1892 Deluxe Octagon Take Down 24Zoll 357Mag

//Winchester 1892 Deluxe Octagon Take Down 24Zoll 357Mag

Winchester 1892 Deluxe Octagon Take Down 24Zoll 357Mag

€ 2.590,00 inkl. MwSt


Model 1892 Deluxe Octagon

Sondermodel buntgehärtet

High-grade lever-action Model 1892 rifle featuring gloss blue finished receiver, 24″ octagon barrel, forearm cap, and crescent buttplate. Grade III/IV pistol grip walnut stock, Marble Arms gold bead sight, and buckhorn rear sight. (SHOT Show Special)

Nothing feels like a Model 1892. Smooth as butter. Faster than a hot knife through butter. It’s better than real butter. Enough about food. When Mr. John Browning created this rifle for Winchester you must wonder if anyone suspected that it would become the consummate ranch rifle, protecting livestock, and providing meals on the range. And did anyone know that over a century and a quarter later it would be the most appreciated Cowboy Action Shooting rifle ever? Own one today. In a Deluxe version. Just like your great, great grandfather did. If he were here, he’d own one of these.
  • RECEIVER – Steel; Gloss –  buntgehärtet
  • BARREL – 24” gloss blued; Octagon
  • ACTION – Lever-action; Tubular magazine
  • STOCK – Grade III/IV walnut; Pistol grip
  • FEATURES – Crescent buttplate; Marble’s® gold bead front sight; Buckhorn rear sight








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