Laugo Arms ALIEN 500 Single Batch Edition 9x19mm

///Laugo Arms ALIEN 500 Single Batch Edition 9x19mm

Laugo Arms ALIEN 500 Single Batch Edition 9x19mm

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ALIEN 500 — Single Batch Edition

Official worldwide release date is IWA exhibition in March 2019. However availability may differ slightly country by country depending on import legislature and distributor. For 2019 there would be available only limited edition of initial 500 pcs packed with full accessories. This limited edition is highly exclusive batch with original numbers from 1/500 to 500/500. Every piece is carefully handfitted by our master gunsmith and it is made only from the finest materials with best coatings available.

Every Alien pistol from this limited edition is fully equipped with accessories:

  • Textile Range Bag designed especially for Laugo Arms Alien
  • Two different upper slide rails (one with iron sights one with red dot)
  • Red dot sight
  • Kydex holster with HEART6 quick release hinge
  • Magwell
  • Three Magazines
  • Cleaning kit


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